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CD Interest Rate Specials

Take Advantage of Savings Accounts that Work for You

It’s interesting times for interest rates. That’s why Collegiate Peaks Bank is introducing some special options to make sure you’re getting competitive returns on your money. 

Special Certificates of Deposit (CD) or IRA CD on New Money*

  • 7-month CD at 4.59% annual percentage yield (APY)
  • 13-month Bump-Up CD at 4.37% annual percentage yield (APY) with a one-time bump-up option

These CDs or IRA CDs are perfect for people who want a higher rate of return but don’t want to tie their money up for an extended period of time. 

At the end of the term, funds can be withdrawn or the CD can be converted. If converted, the special-rate 7-month CD will be converted to a regular 6-month CD, the 13-month CD will be converted to a regular 12-month CD.

The 13-month Bump-Up CD will be available from March 2, 2023 through May 2, 2023. Collegiate Peaks Bank reserves the right to expand this special.

To qualify, the funds must have been deposited to a Collegiate Peaks Bank account within the last 10 calendar days and/or brought in as a check or cashier’s check at time of CD opening.  $500 minimum opening balance.

A penalty may be imposed for early withdrawals before maturity.


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