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Business Checking & Savings

Community banking, means providing the products and services your business expects.

Our Business accounts offer you accurate and efficient processing of your deposit and payment transactions. We have the products to meet your banking needs. Our customer service representatives are available to assist you in finding the best product and services suited for your needs.

All depositors are insured by the FDIC by the FDIC to at least $250,000.

Small Business - Checking
Our Small Business Checking is designed for small or new businesses that have limited transaction needs.

  • Minimum deposit to open $100.00
  • 100 free items per month 
  • Minimum balance required to avoid monthly maintenance fee 
  • Free CPB Online Banking 
  • Free On-line Bill Pay

Business Checking
Our Business Checking is the optimal account for businesses with moderate to high checking activity levels. Available to all types of businesses and organizations with the need for cash management solutions. 

  • Minimum deposit to open $100.00
  • Minimum balance required to avoid monthly maintenance fee 
  • Transaction fees will be applied to account monthly
  • Free CPB Online Banking
  • Free On-line Bill Pay

Commercial Analysis
If you carry an average balance of $30,000 or more we can show you exactly what the cost is to process the account activity; and how to leverage your balances for maximum value. If you do not select the Commercial Analysis product an earnings credit allowance can be applied against monthly charges and transaction fees on Business Checking.

CPB Cash Management
See the information on our CPB Cash Management product page and find a wide variety of commercial services including: 

  • In-bank transfers
  • Online Wire Transfers
  • ACH origination (payroll direct deposit, debiting of association feed, etc.)
  • Account reconciliation and Positive Pay
  • Balance alerts

Business Checking with Interest - NOW Account
Our Business Now Account allows your sole proprietorship or nonprofit charitable organization to earn interest on funds in your checking account and have unlimited check writing abilities.

  • Minimum deposit to open $100.00
  • Minimum balance required to avoid monthly maintenance fee
  • Interest accrues on collected balance 
  • Transaction fees may apply
  • Debit Card (subject to approval) 
  • Free CPB On-line Banking 
  • Free On-line Bill Pay 

Business Money Market
Our Business Money Market Account is a convenient investment account available to all businesses. Enjoy immediate access to your money and check writing capability while earning competitive interest rates on your balances. Unlimited transactions can be made at the teller line or ATM.

  • Minimum deposit to open $100.00 
  • Minimum balance required to avoid a monthly service charge 
  • Interest accrues on collected balance
  • Withdrawals: Six (6) total withdrawals, six (6) of which may be by check or third-party withdrawal.
  • A fee applies for each debit in excess of six per statement cycle.                                                           

Business Savings
Our Business Savings Account is a safe, sure way to set aside for those unexpected events. We can help you get on track with automatic transfers from your primary business account. 

  • Minimum deposit to open $100.00 
  • Minimum balance required to avoid maintenance fee.                                                             
  • Interest accrues on collected balance.                                                    
  • Free CPB Online Banking  

Certificate of Deposits (CD)
You get the security of a savings account while earning higher yields when you leave your money in for a fixed period of time. The minimum deposit is $1,000 and no monthly service fees are charged. Our CD's provide you with flexible terms that range from 3 to 36 months – you choose the terms that fit your investment need. 

Collegiate Peaks Bank is committed to providing the products and services you expect.

For more information or to speak with a banker, visit us at any of our bank locations

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